I define myself as an exploratory artist.

I like to experiment with a multitude of techniques and subjects.I am curious. I need to explore and discover universes that are unknown to me.


I’m particularly interested in illustrating fantastic, surreal, dreamlike and futuristic worlds through unique, original creations for board games and video games.

Graphic design

A self-taught graphic designer since 2012, I create colorful graphic atmospheres, graphic charters, brand identities, aesthetic illustrations for labels, communication media and much more.


To share my imaginary worlds, I use acrylic, oil, watercolor, gouache and digital painting. This allows me to unleash my creative touch in an artistic style.

Visual artist

I’ve been cultivating my passion for the graphic arts since my earliest childhood. From a very early age, I was fascinated by imaginary worlds and how to represent them (comics, posters, models, writing, children’s books, painting, etc.).

Early on, I chose to go into the visual arts.

As soon as I’m able to choose my academic direction, I choose a Lycée with a Fine Arts option. I flourish there and can give free rein to my creativity. I continued in this direction throughout my higher education, during which time I discovered the Digital Arts. I chose to do a Master II in Digital Creation and took my first steps in the business world in a film production company, where I discovered 3D production.

On the strength of these experiences …

… I was contacted by a company to contribute to the development of an e-learning center. A series of professional opportunities followed, but I lost touch with the artistic environment in which I wanted to develop. So I decided to take up painting again, improving my skills by taking evening classes in a Toulouse studio run by Emilie Payros. Then, realizing the artistic qualities and creativity I had to offer, I became an artist-author.

Today …

… I’m continuing my artistic and technical training with Gaétan Weltzer @Spartan in his online Digital Painting School.

« Go out and meet Ideas, Explore creative Universes, Learn to use a variety of Artistic Languages, To cross the boundaries of Imagination.. »

Esther Pillet

Visual Artist

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